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The platform for computer network defence

CYDARM is a platform that enables cybersecurity operations teams to perform at their best. Using a secure case management system, with best practice in cybersecurity built in, CYDARM provides support for the workflows of distributed, cross-functional teams.

CYDARM integrates with existing log management and threat intelligence systems, applying fine-grained access control and encryption to enable broad collaboration.


Protects sensitive company data from loss of ownership and control.

NetCrypt offers secure file synchronisation and cloud file sharing. Company data is encrypted on the server, in transit and on the endpoint without compromising on security or changing the way users work.

With a global beta with 150 MSPs in 23 countries, NetCrypt is offering its first product via the IT channel, and has a roadmap of future product development in DLP and DLM. Expansion to US and Europe is planned for 2019.


More than cyber security recruiting

Good Cyber Security is hard. Great Cyber Security is about great people. But it's not easy finding the right mix of skills, experience and the right cultural fit, an observation based on experience in international cyber security best-practice, initiatives and operations.

Cyber Citadel’s mission is to identify great potential to help build the Cyber Security workforce of tomorrow.


Secures your critical APIs

Aiculus brings modern day security features to the API layer using machine learning. In the emerging world of open banking in Australia and Europe, Aiculus increases the visibility of API transactions, coupled with reputation assessment, to allow companies to manage their API transactions securely, in real-time.