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The platform for computer network defence

CYDARM is a platform that enables cybersecurity operations teams to perform at their best. Using a secure case management system, with best practice in cybersecurity built in, CYDARM provides support for the workflows of distributed, cross-functional teams.

CYDARM integrates with existing log management and threat intelligence systems, applying fine-grained access control and encryption to enable broad collaboration.


Protects sensitive company data from loss of ownership and control

NetCrypt offers secure file synchronisation and cloud file sharing. Company data is encrypted on the server, in transit and on the endpoint without compromising on security or changing the way users work.

With a global beta with 150 MSPs in 23 countries, NetCrypt is offering its first product via the IT channel, and has a roadmap of future product development in DLP and DLM. Expansion to US and Europe is planned for 2019.


More than cyber security recruiting

Good Cyber Security is hard. Great Cyber Security is about great people. But it's not easy finding the right mix of skills, experience and the right cultural fit, an observation based on experience in international cyber security best-practice, initiatives and operations.

Cyber Citadel’s mission is to identify great potential to help build the Cyber Security workforce of tomorrow.


Secures your critical APIs

Aiculus brings modern day security features to the API layer using machine learning. In the emerging world of open banking in Australia and Europe, Aiculus increases the visibility of API transactions, coupled with reputation assessment, to allow companies to manage their API transactions securely, in real-time.

Cynch Security

Aiming for a world where there are no easy targets for hackers

Cynch Security is a digital membership that enables a business to use cyber resilience and security as a competitive advantage, no matter their size or technical expertise.

Cynch members gain access to a tailored dashboard, online training and assessment of their digital footprint (bundled with the tools and services they need) all from the one place. Working collaboratively with the member’s existing partners, including their local IT and Cloud providers, Cynch closes the loop by delivering shared visibility of everyone working towards creating a more safe and secure business.

Dekko Secure

Reducing the risk and impact of data breaches and human weaknesses

Dekko is a secure workflow platform for sensitive and confidential data exchange and organisational communication, used by organisations that understand the risk and impact of human weakness and malicious attacks in data breaches.

Dekko encrypts data end-to-end and is a zero knowledge data platform with full audit capability ensuring your data is safe at work, in transit and at rest.


Detect and stop intruders in 5 minutes

Detexian is a simple-to-use, set-and-go threat detection and response software deployable in 5 minutes. It's designed to not only detect but also respond to early signs of attack and compromise to protect businesses from data breaches.

Detexian has developed AI algorithms to automate event-log data review in real time, 24/7 for irregular system activities. Detexian’s Active Defence blocks bad reputation IP addresses, consistent brute force attackers and vulnerability scanners trying to compromise the customers' IT environment; for more covert intrusion threats, Detexian analyses the behaviours before proposing appropriate remediation plans to protect the customers.


Alerting you when the WiFi you are using is being hacked, wherever you are

HackHunter monitors the WiFi network for hacking behaviour and tools and alerts when they are detected. The device is fully portable and can be used anywhere WiFi is used — in the office, at home, even at the airport.

HackHunter can be programmed to take action when hacking behaviour is detected such as turning WiFi off, starting a VPN, switching to cell network etc. It can also track the attack location so you can remove the rogue device or catch the hacker.

Scram Software

Highly targeted protection on data

Enterprises of all sizes have a problem with data explosion: they don't know what they have, where it is, or how secure it really is… until a breach happens and they're in the news for years to come, or out of business. Every unsecured copy of data has become a ticking time bomb and potential liability.

By utilising an advanced quantum-safe cryptographic file system, combined with real-time anomaly detection based on machine learning, Scram goes far beyond conventional encryption systems to provide a full gamut of safeguards with its turnkey design.


Securing the cloud

SecureStack protects your business from cyber criminals by securing the technology that makes your business run. Whether you use servers in your office, a virtualization product like VMWare, or public cloud like Amazon AWS, Google GCP or Alibaba Cloud.

Build and manage secure infrastructure everywhere using a “build once, deploy everywhere” methodology, giving you complete access to your security insights automatically from one solution. SecureStack deploys and manages hardened servers and security services like SIEM, auditing, vulnerability scanning and backups in your cloud environment.