Accelerating, supporting and investing in world-class cyber security solutions

39 investments from 2017 to 2023.

We’re proud to have worked with so many quality startups through the CyRise accelerator program.

In 2017, NTT and Deakin University established CyRise Accelerator Pty Ltd. After five years of successful collaboration the program has come to its natural conclusion and together NTT and Deakin have decided to close the CyRise initiative effective 19 May 2023.

The team at CyRise want to thank you for the support you’ve given us, our founders and the cyber security professionals in our programs. It’s been a true pleasure to work with the Australian cyber security community. You have backed us every step of the way by generously sharing your expertise and networks, and by taking a chance to work with early-stage startups.

CyRise has made an incredibly significant contribution to the future of the Australian cyber security ecosystem through our programs for both founders and leaders. We’re proud of our achievements since launching in 2017.

  • 39 investments into startups from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and the US
  • 55% of those companies have gone on to raise funding from investors, totalling over $40 million in additional capital
  • CyRise has demonstrated that Australian cyber security startups are great investments
  • CyRise companies have gone on to create over 150 additional, high value jobs in Australia

We are confident that many of our CyRise portfolio companies will go on to see global success, and we leave with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that we have played a small but important part in their growth.

Should you have any enquiries, please get in touch here.


6pillars’ delivers continuous compliance and safety-first fully automated security remediation in AWS environments.

Aiculus brings modern day security features to the API layer using machine learning.

Appsec360 connects your tools, workflows and processes to provide seamless, process-based orchestration across the entire software development life cycle.

Apolyta build the next generation of breach and attack simulation.

Archimigo is the security architect's friend, providing a security architecture and compliance solution which simplifies and automates security architecture.

Save time with Argos continuous cloud security. Less than 30 minutes to set up, and you’re alerted to security flaws within a minute of their deployment.

Avertro is an executive and board cyber platform that helps decision-makers scientifically right-size their cyber spend and scale their capabilities in line with their risk and threat exposure.

Protecting AI from bad data. Badook helps protect artificial intelligence and machine learning models from their greatest weakness: bad data.

Providing visibility solutions for network security and performance.

Network Detection Response for agentless connected IoT devices.

A secure case management system with SOAR built in to enable cybersecurity operations teams.

Cyber fitness for digital business, Cynch partners with business owners to continuously profile their cyber risks.

SaaS company providing ‘all in one’ security operations and cybersecurity compliance for startups and SMEs.

Empowering data teams to rapidly assemble explanations of their work, so that business and data security teams can more easily audit complex AI systems.

Modern workflow without modern risk. Dekko is a flexible and secure workflow platform for critical and confidential documents.

Detexian uplifts organizations' capabilities to continuously secure SaaS and comply with changing regulations.

Devicie enables IT teams to deploy, control and maintain their entire device fleet securely, remotely and at scale.

A cyber-uav firm providing security and threat intelligence for drones.

Ensignia makes it trivial for companies to adopt software supply chain security end-to-end through code-to-production provenance, helping prevent the rising rate of supply chain attacks.

HackHunter’s passive sensor network continuously monitors, detects and alerts when a malicious WiFi network and/or hacking behaviour is identified.

A cyber security assurance platform that enables businesses and their advisors to assess the security of the business across all practice areas, understand key risk and make great decisions on what to focus on next.

Like a URL shortener, but for email. Render the data you keep useless to anyone outside of your organisation.

Nullify is a SaaS tool that aggregates the full range of open source security testing tools and automatically runs them against your entire codebase with one click, generating a correlates output.

Onqlave gives engineers the ability to instantly protect sensitive customer information with a data protection and privacy API that keeps data secure throughout its full lifecycle.

Providing context across cloud operating environments with their Cloud Protection Platform.

Agentless SaaS solution with built-in vulnerability & anti-malware scan for containers. Multi-cloud / multi-account. Scans and fixes all security problems. Prevasio is the first company to scan the entire 4m+ images in DockerHub and find significant security issues.

The Retrospect Labs platform allows organisations to continuously design, deliver, and evaluate exercises that test their incident response capabilities.

Secure development education for testers, developers and architects.

Utilising an advanced quantum-safe cryptographic file system, Scram goes beyond conventional encryption systems to provide a full gamut of safeguards.

Prioritise and remediate security vulnerabilities across cloud, infrastructure and applications.

SecureStack helps teams build more secure cloud-native applications by identifying threats across the whole software defined lifecycle.

Simplified cloud asset management, security and automation.

Strobes is a risk-based, vulnerability management platform that allows enterprises to dramatically improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Tide is a true-zero-trust technology, removing mass data breach risk from organisations by handing consumers the only key to their data.

Traild patrols payment workflows to protect businesses from fraud.

Workflow86 is a no-code platform designed to automate highly complex workflows with dozens to hundreds of tasks, orchestrated across multiple teams or departments.