We’re proud to have had such quality startups through the CyRise accelerator program. Here are their stories.

Cohort 1

Aiculus brings modern day security features to the API layer using machine learning. In the emerging world of open banking in Australia and Europe, Aiculus increases the visibility of API transactions, coupled with reputation assessment, to allow companies to manage their API transactions securely, in real-time.

The platform for computer network defence. Cydarm enables cybersecurity operations teams to perform at their best. Using a secure case management system, with SOAR and best practice in cybersecurity built in, CYDARM provides support for the workflows of distributed, cross-functional teams.

Protects sensitive company data from loss of ownership and control. NetCrypt offers secure file synchronisation and cloud file sharing. Company data is encrypted on the server, in transit and on the endpoint without compromising on security or changing the way users work.

More than cyber security recruiting. Good Cyber Security is hard. Great Cyber Security is about great people. But it's not easy finding the right mix of skills, experience and the right cultural fit, an observation based on experience in international cyber security best-practice, initiatives and operations.

Cohort 2

Cyber fitness for digital business. Cynch partners with business owners, continuously profiling their cyber risks and providing them with everything they need to build their Cyber Fitness.

Modern workflow without modern risk. Dekko is a flexible and secure workflow platform for critical and confidential documents, providing a secure cloud-based environment where people can communicate, collaborate, share and sign-off on confidential documents.

Detexian assures your SaaS data is safe. Detexian uplifts organizations' capabilities to continuously secure SaaS and comply with changing regulations, monitoring it all from the one dashboard.

Utilising an advanced quantum-safe cryptographic file system, combined with real-time anomaly detection based on machine learning, Scram goes beyond conventional encryption systems to provide a full gamut of safeguards with its turnkey design.

SecureStack lets your company build secure infrastructure in the multi-cloud or datacenter and manage the ongoing lifecycle maintenance, compliance and security of that disparate IT infrastructure from one place and one solution.

Protect your organisation from information theft by malicious WiFi networks. HackHunter’s passive sensor network continuously monitors, detects and alerts when a malicious WiFi network and/or hacking behaviour is identified.

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